Koroneos Christophis – Χριστοφής Κορωναίος

Koroneos Christophis – Χριστοφής Κορωναίος

Εργασίες υπό Δημοσίευση

Exergetic Life Cycle Assessment of Electricity Production Technologies  Part I: Large-Scale, Grid Connected, Multicrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic System in the Greek Island of Nisiros C. Koroneos, S. Archatzikakis and N. Moussiopoulos

Environmental and Economic Assessment of Buildings in Greece: Development and Application of the SUSCON Tool, C. Koroneos,, M. Maurogiannos, K.G. Moustakas, S.G. Poulopoulos, M. Loizidou

Environmental Assessment of Olive Oil Production in Greece, C. Koroneos, S. Katsoulakos

Exergy and LCA of Geothermal Energy production in small scale – A case in Greece, C. Koroneos

Exergy Analysis in Greece, C. Koroneos, V. Kalogiannis, N. Moussiopoulos

Environmental Efficiency οf Fuel Cells, C. Koroneos, P. Boutsalis

Low Enthalpy Geothermal Energy, Applications in Greece and Environmental Benefits from its use, C. Koroneos, G. Xydis, and N. Moussiopoulos

Life Cycle Assessment and Exergy Analysis of the District-Heating Network of Municipality of Kozani, Greece, C. Koroneos. C. D. Papakostas, C Roumpeas, E. Sakalis

Geothermal Waters Heat Integration For The Desalination Of Sea Water, C.Koroneos, G. Roumbas, N. Moussiopoulos

Life Cycle and Exergy Analysis Of Ethylene Production, C. Koroneos, A. Ntompros

Life Cycle Assessment Of Energy Production From Municipal Solid Waste, C.Koroneos, A. Sfikouris

Exergetic Life Cycle Assessment of Sugar. C. Koroneos, A. Tolios, N.Moussiopoulos

Lca of Wastewatr Thessaloniki. C. Koroneos, A. Agrafiotis

Integrated Solid Waste Management and Energy Production- A Life Cycle Assessment Approach: The Case Study of the City of Thessaloniki, C. Koroneos, E. Nanaki

Utilization of Geothermal Energy for District Heating and Cooling, A.LPolyzakis, C. J. Koroneos, A. K. Malkogianni, D. C. Rovas, J. Karmalis

Synthesis of integrated systems for the exploitation of renewable energy sources in the desalination of seawater, C. Koroneos

Sustainable and Integrated Development – A Critical Analysis, C. Koroneos, D. Rokos,

Life Cysle Assessment and Exergy Analysis of Hydrothermal systems-The case of Mesohwra, Greece, C. Koroneos, E. Stafyla

The Role of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency in Sustainable Manufacturing, C.Koroneos, G. Xydis

Life Cycle Inventory Analysis of Tomato Paste Production in Barrel (Aseptic) and Can Packaging, C. Koroneos, H. Achilas

Environmental Impact Assessment of Orange Juice Processing / Energy Exploitation of Their Solid Wastes, C. Koroneos, N. Tzanis and N. Moussiopoulos

Exergy Analysis of Orange Juice Processing and of the  Exploitation of Their Solid Wastes, C.Koroneos, N. Tzanis and N. Moussiopoulos

Life Cycle Assessment of Ground Source Heat Pump, C. Koroneos, C. Almpanakis, M. Fitopoulou

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